Children in Haiti Need Your Help


No nation in the Western Hemisphere faces greater challenges to improving the lives of it's children than Haiti.  About half of Haiti's over 9 million people are children. The high incidence of HIV/ AIDS aggregates the well- being of children whose health is already compromised by poverty and inadequate access to basic health care. There are no functioning social services to provide a safety net for at risk children.

  • Accurate statistics are difficult to come by, but it is estimated that 75% of all children are malnourished to some degree.

  • Under-5 mortality rate is 120 per 1,000 live births.

  • Approximately 17,000 children are believed to be HIV positive.

  • Approximately 300,000 children labor as domestics and at least 10,000 children are homeless. (source: Save the Children - 2009)

In response to this need, and with the help of caring individuals like you and the local citizens,  the Clermont Center for Homeless Children was opened in March of 2003. Our foundation is presently providing services to 22 youth ages 7 to 18, who otherwise would be homeless or living in extreme poverty. They receive shelter, food and clothing, educational opportunity, and a nuturing environment.

Unfortunately, too many more children in Jacmel need a home and after this devastating earthquake it is imperative that we open our doors to many more. The Center receives no external support and is entirely dependent on fundraisers and personal contributions.The current costs of supporting a single child in the Center is approximately $2000 per year.

With your help, we can change the world one child at a time.

The Jacques A. Clermont Memorial, Inc. (JACMF) is a charitable, 501 [c] (3) non-profit organization
established in the memory of Dr. Jacques A. Clermont, whose life ended tragically in a car accident in 1995.